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Miami's Kat Dahlia Gets “Crazy” with New Album in Works

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Kat Dahlia Gets “Crazy” with New Album

Kat Dahlia, 22.

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Tune Talk Tuesday: Kat Dahlia

Miami-born sartist Kat Dahlia visted NBC 6 to chat about her new single, "Crazy".
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Miami-born rapper and singer, Kat Dahlia, is taking on her next challenge with her new single, “Crazy.”

The new track has over 2 million views on Youtube and is currently playing on South Florida’s Power 96.5.

“It feels amazing. You always want love from your hometown,” Dahlia told NBC 6.

The 22-year-old artist was raised by her Cuban-born parents. She believes her Latin roots help make her unique.

“It gives me an edge over some people just because the Latin demographic is growing so rapidly in the United States,” Dahlia said.

Last year, she released her first single, “Gangsta,” which received airplay nationally.

With a busy schedule traveling between New York and California, Dahlia says Miami is her true home.

She enjoys relaxing by the beach, but her favorite thing about Miami is the ability be with her family.

“Traveling so much, I don’t get to be so close to home and now I get to hang out with everybody so it’s good,” she said.

Although Miami is the home to fine cuisine and restaurants, Dahlia says her favorite place to eat is at her very own abuelita’s house. Her favorite entrée? Freshly baked cupcakes that she says she can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Dahlia’s new album, “My Garden” is set to be released this fall.

Click here to see Kat perform "Crazy" on NBC 6's "6 in the Mix" with Javier Garcia.

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