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Pedro Almodóvar Makes Comedy Comeback With New Film, ‘I’m So Excited’

The new comedy, “I’m So Excited” was written and directed by the Spanish Oscar-winning director , Pedro Almodóvar, whose films have become known internationally.




    The new comedy, “I’m So Excited” by Oscar-winning director Pedro Almodóvar, brings together a group of passengers from diverse backgrounds, who are aboard plane that experiences a technical failure on their way to Mexico City.

    Even though the flight has its setbacks, the flight crew takes it upon themselves to entertain and delight the passengers.

    “There is a flight with a big, big problem, and they think they are going to die. The commander in chief and the rest of the crew, with me as a flight attendant, try to enjoy the people and the passengers,” said actor Javier Cámara on NBC 6's "6 In The Mix." “Doing whatever, everything. They can smoke. They can have sex. They can sing, everything. It’s really crazy.”

    The film, which opens June 28, has short appearances Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas.

    “There are a lot of great actors in this film. I think it’s a new generation, not Antonio and Penélope, but the rest of the crew, the rest of the passengers are a very nice, new generation of actors, very talented, very cute,” Cámara said.

    Spanish actress Blanca Suárez is the only character that is not aboard the plane. She said despite not being on the plane, it was an amazing and memorable experience.

    “My character is Ruth, the ex-girlfriend of one of the business class passengers,” Suárez said. “She suddenly decides what she wants to do in her life what path she wants to take in life and she decides to overcome that relationship that she hadn’t overcome at that point.”

    The film was written and directed by the Spanish, Almodóvar, whose films have become known internationally.

    “It’s the comeback to comedy for Pedro and everyone was really exited in Spain and opening it to the rest of the world,” Cámara said. “Pedro was absolutely thrilled about this crew and technical and artistic play.”