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Realtor's Rap Video Urges You To Buy In San Diego

"What's your American Dream? Is it silent, does it scream?"

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    YouTube / john feits
    The rapping realtor Rafael Alberto Perez.

    Sometimes a broker will do anything to get clients. That includes, in this case, filming a rap video in an act of self-promotion, brought to our attention through videogum

    Though he claims in the rap that he's not a rapper, it's impossible to ignore the agent's skills in rapping a rhyme to stress the importance of buying a home (like voting!), and the importance of buying a home in San Diego. With him.

    Realtor Rafael Alberto Perez (initials: R.A.P.), boasts the following:
    Now not too long ago, the housing market fell flat.
    Foreclosures, toxic loans and all of that.
    In sight was the death of the American dream.
    Home ownership is back, now the new routine.
    Set your goal, write it down, continue forward.
    Your American Dream, Your Daily Routine,
    Working hard every day, a future you'll build.
    Provide for your family, a castle from skills,
    A place to raise the kids or a cash flow machine.
    Which do you prefer?
    Take ownership, get involved, remember to vote.
    This region can be yours, we still have a hope.
    What's your American Dream? Is it silent, does it scream?
    You're building a future, one day at a time
    To get a net worth, of a million not a dime.
    Kind of catchy. Definitely ambitious. Would you call R.A.P.?