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Gervais' "Cemetery Junction" Trailer Hits the Internets

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Gervais' "Cemetery Junction" Trailer Hits the Internets

A couple of weeks ago we brought you some shots from "Cemetery Junction," the new movie from Ricky Gervais. Today we bring you the trailer.

Gervais co-wrote and directed "Cemetery Junction" with Stephen Merchant ("The Office"). It stars Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson, Matthew Goode and a slew of young unknowns in a story about three young men trapped in a small town in 1970s England. Gervais called this new movie his "Saturday Night Fever."

The trailer isn't as funny as you might hope -- though to be fair, it isn't really trying -- and those accents are thick. But it's Gervais, so we remain enthusiastic.

The film comes out in the UK in April, but there's no U.S. release date yet.


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