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Tina Fey Considering Admission to "Admission"



    Tina Fey is hoping to get into a movie about a kid hoping to get into an Ivy League school.

    Fey is in talks to star in "Admission," based on the novel of the same name by Jean Hanff Korelitz, according to Variety. It's the story a Princeton admissions officer and an under-qualified teenage boy. Here's the synopsis from Publishers Weekly:


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    Portia Nathan, the overly dedicated 38-year-old Princeton admissions officer, narrator of Korelitz's overthought fourth novel, finds purpose in her gatekeeper role. But her career and conscience are challenged after she visits a down-at-the-heels New England town on a scouting trip and meets Jeremiah, a talented but rough-around-the-edges 17-year-old who maybe doesn't measure up as Princeton material. The real rub is how making his acquaintance forces Portia to confront a painful secret from her past that ties into some domestic discord with her professor friend, David, and may lead her into a career-endangering fracas with the admissions board

    The film is being directed by Paul Weisz, who's career has taken an odd up-and-down trajectory. His debut, "American Pie," was an unusually good teen sex comedy; then there's was the unfortunate "Heaven Can Wait" remake "Down to Earth With Chris Rock; a short recovery with "About a Boy"; a minor backslide with "In Good Company"; and then a steady descent with "American Dreamz," "Cirque du Freak" and "Little Fockers." Where his true talent level is remains to be seen.

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    Just reading synopsis, Fey sounds right for the part, except for one thing: she's not that great an actress. Each of Fey's films--"Baby Mama," "Date Night" and "Megamind"--has made more money than the last, and yet we still have our doubts.

    We're huge fans going back to her "Weekend Update" days, and consider "30 Rock" to be a Pantheon-level sitcom. But Fey's successes have been on the strength of her writing, not her acting (her Sarah Palin impression aside), which frankly is better than Jerry Seinfeld's, but short of awesome.

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