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2 hours ago

Meyers: Weird Al Talks About Figuring Out What Songs to Parody

Weird Al described to Seth Meyers how he comes up with song parodies, saying he looks for ideas that have "just the right amount of stupid." ยป


Meyers: Weird Al Talks Iggy Azalea

Weird Al talked to Seth Meyers about getting Iggy Azalea's permission for a parody of her hit "Fancy." »


Meyers: Weird Al Played "Wheel of Fortune" With James Brown

Weird Al talks to Seth Meyers about being a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" with Little Richard and James Brown. »


Fallon: Teller Played Drums in "Whiplash"

Jimmy Fallon chats with actor Miles Teller about his dramatic film "Whiplash" and how the self-taught drummer really performed in the movie. »


Famed Violinist Plays Do-Over at D.C. Train Station

Acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell packed Union Station in Washington, D.C. Tuesday for what might be the train station's happiest crowd ever. Seven years ago, Bell performed incognito for tips in a... »


Tyler Perry, Fallon Race Jumping Drones

Jimmy and Tyler Perry go head-to-head using iPads to race jumping drones around "The Tonight Show" studio. »


Meyers: Weird Al Talks First Number One Album

Weird Al told Seth Meyers how he learned about his album reaching number one on the Billboard charts on "Late Night." »


Late at Night on NBC

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers bring the laughs late night on NBC. »

Tracy Morgan: I Can't Believe Wal-Mart Is "Blaming Me"

Tracy Morgan: I Can't Believe Wal-Mart Is "Blaming Me"

Tracy Morgan responded to allegations made by Wal-Mart in his lawsuit over a highway crash earlier this year that killed one of his friends. Wal-Mart claimed in a court filing Monday that the actor-comedian and... »


Michael Phelps Arrested for DUI in Maryland

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was arrested and charged with DUI and other charges early Tuesday morning, News4 has confirmed. Phelps was driving 84 mph inside the Fort McHenry Tunnel on Interstate 95... »

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