All About Animals

All About Animals

Wildlife Officials Trap Orphaned Florida Panther Kitten

Wildlife officials say they rescued a 4-month-old female panther kitten that was likely orphaned when its mother was struck by a vehicle in southwest Florida. »

Stuff the Turkey, Not Your Pet!

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here, but did you know it can be dangerous for your pet? »


Kitten Rescued from Vehicle in Fort Lauderdale

A lucky kitten was rescued from a vehicle during the morning commute Thursday. A driver heard a little meow on their way into Fort Lauderdale. Firefighters were called and they were able to free the little... »

Broward Humane Society Adoptable Pets

Adorable animals up for adoption in Broward County. »

Why Veterinary Clinics Are Open On Black Friday

Nobody likes a holiday killjoy. And chances are, Grandma will break the “no table food” rule this year, too. So let’s just focus on the foods that Fluffy absolutely, positively cannot have. »

Black Friday Pet Adoption Event

Avoid the mall crowds on “Black Friday” and add a furry friend to your family instead. »

Zoo Miami Welcomes Sumatran Tiger Cub

Representatives with Zoo Miami announced that a 4-year-old female Sumatran tiger named Leelo gave birth to a male cub on Saturday, Nov. 14. This was Leelo's first pregnancy. »

Wildlife Center Clears Brown Pelican for Takeoff

A pelican who was rescued by a local fisherman in March was released back to nature on Thursday. »


Highlighting Importance of Police Dogs Amid Death of French K-9

The death of French police dog Diesel has been trending worldwide Wednesday. »

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