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WATCH: Fallon Reveals Phone Call Between Obama, Putin

"Sorry, Sorry, I've been playing iPhone game Candy Crush," Putin said. "It's so addictive I just take the candy and I crush it!"

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    Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin have a phone conversation and trade insults on the "Tonight Show." (Published Thursday, March 20, 2014)

    Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Russian President Vladimir Putin to make jokes about Crimea and sing with an Obama impersonator on "The Tonight Show."

    "President Obama has been talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone to try and work things out," Fallon said. "We actually got footage of their most recent phone conversation. Check it out."

    Then, Fallon showed a split screen video of himself dressed as Putin alongside the Obama impersonator.

    "Hello, uh, Vlad it's Barack, I've been trying to call you all day. Where have you been?" Obama said.

    "Sorry, sorry, I've been playing iPhone game Candy Crush," Putin said. "It's so addictive I just take the candy and I crush it!"

    The conversation then turned to the different drinking habits of Americans and Russians.

    "It's been quite a stressful week, I'll tell you that much," Obama said, before drinking out of a bottle of beer.

    "It's been pretty stressful here too," Putin said, before taking a swig from a vodka bottle.

    Then, Putin made a joke about one of Obama's initiatives.

    "Look don't you see what you're doing though? You're forcing people to accept something the majority of them don't even want," Obama said.

    "Yes in Russia, we have a word for this: Obamacare," Putin said.

    "Ouch, now that burns."

    "Does Obamacare cover burns?

    "Ha, very funny. No."

    Then, the segment took a musical direction.

    "Look bro just I'm trying to do my thing and then I'm watching news. Next thing I know you are sending John McCain over to Ukraine," Putin said.

    Then the two repeated, "McCain in the Ukraine," to the beat of hip hop group Cypress Hill's '90s hit "Insane In The Membrane."

    "Look, look, look, I know you really want Crimea, but I've got some advice for you. Just let it go," Obama said.

    "Let it go?" Putin said.

    "I don't care, what they're going to say," Obama said.

    "Let storm rage on, the cold war never bothered me anyway," the two said in unison.

    Watch the banter in the video above.