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Naomi Watts on Plastic Surgery: "Never Say Never"



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    Actress Naomi Watts

    Naomi Watts is flawless, but even "The Impossible" star admits you can't knock cosmetic surgery right off the bat.

    The actress graces the April 2013 cover of Australia's Good Health magazine and candidly shares her views on plastic surgery.

    "Never say never--and I certainly don't judge anyone who does it," she said. "But most of the characters I play are going through some kind of emotional turmoil, so my job requires me to have expression."

    Watts continued, "If my face was froze, what right do I have to play that part? All the women who haven't anything to their faces are still able to play great roles. And some of the ones who have done something have messed it up--they look freakish.

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    "Anyway, for me it's about playing women with rich lives--and the longer the life, the deeper the wrinkles."

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