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WATCH: South Korean Actress Throws an Impressive, Acrobatic First Pitch



    Tae-Mi's acrobatic first pitch was caught on camera.

    A South Korean actress threw an acrobatic first pitch over the weekend that left sports fans in awe.

    Tae-Mi, who is also a taekwondo champion, spun through the air as she pitched the first ball at the Doosan Bears game against SK Wyverns in Seoul on Saturday. She twisted her body into a full flip before landing on both feet and throwing the ball.

    Deadspin first reported on the big-top-ready pitch Tuesday with a round-up of memorable Korean first pitches by K-Pop stars and athletes alike.

    Check out Tae-Mi's stunt in this video below, earlier shared on Deadspin:

    Tae-Mi's pitch, however, is far from the most eye-popping pitch in recent Korean baseball games. Check out some of these other fun first pitches:

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