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<![CDATA[‘Tonight Show’: Pen in Bottle With Alicia Vikander]]> Fri, 22 Jul 2016 07:31:41 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/ALICIA_GettyImages-578540698.jpg Alicia Vikander shows Host Jimmy Fallon how to play a Swedish drinking game where they race to drop pens dangling from their waists into empty bottles.

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<![CDATA[‘Tonight': Musical Impressions With Céline Dion]]> Fri, 22 Jul 2016 07:32:36 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/CELINE_GettyImages-578544516.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon challenges Céline Dion to a game of random musical impressions, such as Sia singing "Hush, Little Baby."

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<![CDATA[Fallon and Meyers: This Week's Guest Lists]]> Wed, 20 Jul 2016 06:14:47 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/fallon_generic.jpg

Mark your calendars and set your DVRs: The following are this week's guests on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and "Late Night with Seth Meyers." 



Wednesday, July 20: Mila Kunis, Mike Birbiglia

Thursday, July 21: Alicia Vikander and Celine Dion

Friday, July 22: Simon Cowell, Lilly Singh and Penn & Teller


Wednesday, July 20: Dominic Cooper, Royal Headaache 

Thursday, July 21: Leslie Jones, Carlo Mirarchi

Friday, July 22: Emma Roberts, Scott Speedman, Gnash

(These listings are subject to change and additions will be made. Check back regularly for updates.)

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<![CDATA[Seth Meyers Plays 'Pokémon Go']]> Thu, 21 Jul 2016 10:03:58 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e136_396_pokemongo_20160720_1200x675_729280579663.jpg When Host Seth Meyers came to work last week, he saw his whole staff was playing the new Pokemon game. The craze made very little sense to him so he had one of his staff members to teach him how to catch ‘em all. They also encounter a new Pokemon called a Squattle.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: A Look at GOP Attacks on Clinton]]> Thu, 21 Jul 2016 08:52:08 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e136_396_closerlook_H264_20160720_1200x675_729281603669.jpg Host Seth Meyers looks at how the Republican National Convention on day 2 quickly veered into a bash fest against Hillary Clinton. Meyers also observes that Donald Trump Jr.’s speech was aimed at the “moneyed” elite even though his father’s tax proposal would get a significant tax cut.]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight': Filtered Scenes With Mila Kunis ]]> Thu, 21 Jul 2016 08:52:46 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/MILA_GettyImages-578126746.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon and Mila Kunis improvise random scenes, like two people on a Tinder date, using different filters on an iPad.

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<![CDATA[‘Tonight': Wiffle Ball With Bernie Williams]]> Thu, 21 Jul 2016 08:54:34 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/WILLIAMS_GettyImages-578129156.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon attempts to strike out New York Yankees legend Bernie Williams... with wiffle balls.

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<![CDATA[‘Late Night’: Rami Malek on 'Mr. Robot']]> Wed, 20 Jul 2016 07:13:45 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e135_395_ramimalek_season2_20160719_1200x675_728374851837.jpg Rami Malek talks about how “Mr. Robot” is made with host Seth Meyers.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: A Closer Look at the RNC]]> Wed, 20 Jul 2016 07:14:37 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e135_395_closerlook_H264_20160719_1200x675_728375875834.jpg Host Seth Meyers looks at the not so smooth launch of the Republican National Convention. The convention, Meyers notes, doesn’t have the usual flair of a Donald Trump event.]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight': Fallon Delivers Trump's Surprise RNC Speech]]> Wed, 20 Jul 2016 07:15:35 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e171_503_trump_20160719_1200x675_728374851585.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon delivers a speech as Donald Trump in an unexpected speech on night two of the Republican National Convention to address the controversy surrounding Melania's speech and more.]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight': Heidi Klum Yodels German Tune]]> Wed, 20 Jul 2016 07:16:49 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/HEIDI_GettyImages-577709596.jpg Heidi Klum talks to Host Jimmy Fallon about dumping drinks on fellow "America's Got Talent" judge Simon Cowell and shows off her golden buzzer-worthy talents with a song.

Photo Credit: Getty Images ]]>
<![CDATA[ ‘Late Night’: Extreme Dog-Shaming]]> Tue, 19 Jul 2016 02:35:00 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e134_394_dogshaming_20160718_1200x675_727608899917.jpg Host Seth Meyers marvels over dog-shaming pictures. Most of these photos note minor offenses like eating mulch. But Meyers and his team found a few serious offenses. One dog brings PBR to parties but drinks all the Samuel Adams.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: A Closer Look at Who Is Mike Pence]]> Tue, 19 Jul 2016 02:29:09 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/MEYERS_GettyImages-542022772.jpg Host Seth Meyers asks how much we know about Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s Vice President pick. Meyers also thinks there was something tragic about Trump turning down Chris Christie, also known as the sad shadow.

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<![CDATA[‘Tonight Show’: Inflatable Flip Cup With Chris Pine]]> Thu, 21 Jul 2016 12:44:33 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e170_502_flipcup_20160718_1200x675_727609923744.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon competes against Chris Pine in a game of flip cup while wearing inflatable fat suits.]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight Show' Do Not Watch]]> Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:08:26 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e170_502_donotwatch_20160718_1200x675_727609923802.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon teams up with the Found Footage Festival to highlight videos you should avoid, including a music video for the Skatt Brothers' "Life at the Outpost."]]> <![CDATA[Maddow Talks Nice, Trump VP on 'Tonight']]> Sat, 16 Jul 2016 11:09:59 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/friday-politics-maddow-fallon.jpg Rachel Maddow gives her take on the Bastille Day tragedy in France, the U.S. presidential candidates' responses to the attack and Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence.]]> <![CDATA['Tonight': Password With Blake Lively, Good Charlotte]]> Sat, 16 Jul 2016 11:08:11 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/blake-fallon-password.jpg Jimmy Fallon and Blake Lively teamed up against Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte in the game Password on the "Tonight Show" Friday.]]> <![CDATA[Kristen Wiig and Seth Meyers Clear the Air]]> Fri, 15 Jul 2016 10:21:14 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e133_393_cleartheair_20160714_1200x675_725663299816.jpg Host Seth Meyers and Kristen Wiig have known each other for a long time and they decided to clear the air of problems that inevitably develop in long-term relationships. Wiig apologizes for not thinking Meyers’ last name was spelled Miyerrhzzz and that she didn’t know his first name was Seth. She thought it was Beth.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: Previewing the Republican Convention]]> Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:08:23 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e133_393_closerlook_20160714_1200x675_725661251875.jpg Host Seth Meyers promises that this year’s Republican National Convention will be interesting with Donald Trump mixing up the usual tight-scripted, highly-organized convention. There’s also the unfortunate use of the phrase “Veep stakes” being used by every major news outlet. The supposed hype that outlets are reporting on are self-generated.]]> <![CDATA['Tonight': Had to Do It Tweets]]> Fri, 15 Jul 2016 02:57:13 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e168_500_hashtags_20160714_1200x675_725660739987.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #HadToDoIt. Sometimes you just have to do it.]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight Show’: Facebreakers with Michael Strahan]]> Fri, 15 Jul 2016 02:52:49 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/STRAHAN_GettyImages-454033698.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon and Michael Strahan take turns throwing footballs at glass panels painted with their faces, and the first to smash all of his opponent's faces gets to drench the loser with water.

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[‘Tonight’: Snapchat Duet With Ariana Grande ]]> Thu, 14 Jul 2016 08:31:27 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e167_499_snapchatduet_H264_20160713_1200x675_724845123800.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande combine their snaps into a Snapchat duet of her hit song "Into You."]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight Show’: Fallon Interviews Kristen Wiig]]> Thu, 14 Jul 2016 08:32:59 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e167_499_kristenwiig_jojo_20160713_1200x675_724846147956.jpg Host Jimmy Fallon gets a surprise visit from Kristen Wiig as JoJo Fletcher and they talk about her experiences on "The Bachelorette."]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: Why Sanders Waited to Endorse]]> Thu, 14 Jul 2016 08:33:57 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e132_392_closerlook_H264_20160713_1200x675_724847171703.jpg Bernie Sanders’ strategy to wait on endorsing Hillary Clinton was strategically made, host Seth Meyers argues. During the endorsement, Sanders took a moment to list his victories during primary season, while Clinton stood alongside him.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’ Monologue on 'Pokémon Go' Craze]]> Thu, 14 Jul 2016 08:35:22 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e132_392_monologue_H264_20160713_1200x675_724845123936.jpg Host Seth Meyers goes on for quite some time about things like Bernie Sanders’ decision to endorse Hillary Clinton for president and the Pokemon Go craze.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’ Teen Slang: Reekachu, Brexit]]> Wed, 13 Jul 2016 07:17:05 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e131_391_teenslang_20160712_1200x675_724077635918.jpg Host Seth Meyers is back this week with his primer on teen slang. There’s “curb,” which means to rebuff a romantic advance by doing a Larry David impression. And then there’s “Brexit,” which means leaving the party without considering the repercussions.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: Kate McKinnon's DIY Disaster]]> Wed, 13 Jul 2016 07:22:14 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e131_391_katemckinnon_diy_20160712_1200x675_724078659732.jpg Kat McKinnon has her activities to keep her busy when she’s not promoting the remake “Ghostbusters.” For the summer she had two coffee tables that she wanted to refinish. After going on a shopping spree at a hardware store, McKinnon realizes she wasn’t up for the job.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: How Politicians Responded to Shootings]]> Tue, 12 Jul 2016 08:32:15 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e130_390_closerlook_20160711_1200x675_723266115768.jpg Since the shootings in Dallas, politicians have been looking for ways to respond to the violence. Many have argued that mourning the death of police and supporting police reform are not mutually exclusive. But others used the occasion to blame peaceful protests and, somehow, President Obama.]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight Show’: Fallon Breaks Down Arithmetic]]> Tue, 12 Jul 2016 08:33:53 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e165_497_popularmathematics_20160711_1200x675_723266115940.jpg In an effort to make basic math more relatable to kids, Host Jimmy Fallon breaks down arithmetic using pop culture references and notable names.]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight’: Jell-O Shot Twister With Kristen Stewart]]> Tue, 12 Jul 2016 08:34:39 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/KRISTEN_GettyImages-546296262.jpg Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Stewart face off in a game of Twister where they have to take a Jell-Oo shot every time they place a body part on a colored spot.

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA['Tonight Show': Thank You Notes to a Weed Magazine]]> Sat, 25 Jun 2016 06:05:05 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/223*120/weed-to-know-thank-you-notes.jpg Jimmy Fallon writes his weekly Thank You notes. He is thankful for a new weed magazine, condoms and family pool parties. ]]> <![CDATA['Tonight Show' J.J. Watt Tries His Luck at Egg Russian Roulette]]> Sat, 25 Jun 2016 06:06:11 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/234*120/fallon-watts-egg-roulette.jpg NFL star J.J. Watt and Jimmy Fallon play to win at egg Russian roulette. The loser will leave with two raw eggs on their face.]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: Meyers and Leslie Jones Watch 'Game of Thrones']]> Fri, 24 Jun 2016 03:15:05 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e129_389_lesliejones_got_20160623_1200x675_711866435661.jpg Host Seth Meyers relishes in Leslie Jones’ reaction to watching “Game of Thrones.” When a dragon appears, you can count on Jones to chant “Hallelujah.”]]> <![CDATA[‘Late Night’: Democrats Staging Gun Control Sit-In]]> Fri, 24 Jun 2016 10:57:48 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_myr_hlt_s3e129_389_closerlook_20160623_1200x675_711864899737.jpg Host Seth Meyers ponders the world of Congress. House Democrats, after being fed up with gun control being stonewalled all the time, held a sit-in. The impromptu set up led to some tech-awkward moments like Sen. Elizabeth Warren blocking the video as it was live streamed through Periscope. Meyers also presents an important possibility, Speak Paul Ryan is a "vampire."]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight': Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis Sing 'Can't Fight This Feeling']]> Fri, 24 Jun 2016 10:59:13 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e163_495_cantfightthisfeeling_h264_20160623_1200x675_711860803742.jpg Will Forte and his "The Last Man on Earth" co-star Jason Sudeikis perform "Can't Fight This Feeling."]]> <![CDATA[‘Tonight': Candidate Tim Calhoun (Will Forte)]]> Fri, 24 Jun 2016 11:00:55 -0400 http://media.nbcmiami.com/images/213*120/nbc_tjf_hlt_s3e163_495_timcalhoun_20160623_1200x675_711860803837.jpg Third party candidate Tim Calhoun stops by "The Tonight Show" to explain why he would make a good president. Will Forte reprises his "Saturday Night Live" character. ]]>