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Alleged Bad Butt Injection Accomplice Pleads Not Guilty

Corey Eubank says he had nothing to do with alleged Fix-a-Flat injections



    (Published Monday, Dec. 19, 2011)

    The alleged accomplice in the South Florida black market butt enhancement business that authorities say used Fix-a-Flat and cement for injections says he had nothing to do with the injections and denied the unusual items were used.

    Corey Eubank, 40, appeared in court in Miami Monday, where his attorney entered a not guilty plea on charges of unlicensed practice of a health care profession with serious injury and accessory after the fact.

    "I'm not an accomplice to anything," Eubank said after Monday's hearing. "I had nothing to do with the situation."

    Eubank and Oneal Morris were arrested last month, after a woman came forward claiming Morris had injected her legs and buttocks with the substance, causing her to become ill.

    More victims have since come forward and police are still investigating other possible cases.

    Morris, who also faces charges of practicing medicine without a license, wasn't in court Monday, but her attorney entered a not guilty plea for her.

    Eubank said he knew Morris and even had an enhancement himself, but said only mineral oil was used in the injections.

    "To my knowledge, the underground doctors never used fix-a-flat or cement, it makes no sense," he said.

    Eubank's attorney, Jim Lewis, said Eubank received no compensation for any of the injections and also denied that cement or Fix-a-Flat were used.

    "It seems to me at this point it really has been blown out of all proportion, we've heard all these rumors about fix-a-flat and cement injected into people's buttocks, that's not our information at all," Lewis said. "We simply think it was mineral oil, which apparently has become a very common procedure here in South Florida, people to have their buttocks cosmetically enhanced with mineral oil."