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Astronomers Gather for Stargazing in the Keys

Astronomers from around the world attend a Winter Star Party



    The Winter Star Party kicks off in the Keys.

    Even the astronomers go to the Florida Keys to party.

    About 600 astronomers from around the world are gathering in the lower Keys this week for the 28th annual Winter Star Party. They will get an opportunity to get a see a 180 degree view of the Southern Cross and other constellations.

    The party is taking place at Camp Wesumkee, a Girl Scout camp on Scout Key.  The location is nearly the only place in the continental U.S. that the large number of constellations, comets and stars are visible from. The southern location with clear skies and a lack of city pollution help to see the constellations more clearly.

    Hosted by the

    Southern Cross Astronomical Society

    , an astronomical society in Miami, the party will continue through February 26.