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Bundles Of Pot Found in Abandoned Boat in Boynton Beach

$20,000 worth of marijuana left behind on speed boat



    Boynton Beach Police
    20 pounds of marijuana were left on a boat found abandoned in Boynton Beach.

    Boynton Beach Police marine unit officers on routine patrol discovered thousands of dollars worth of weed inside an abandoned boat Wednesday evening.

    The officers were patrolling the Intracoastal waterways around 5 p.m. when they came across the 18-foot Donzi speed boat beached at Harvey J. Oyer, Jr., Boat Club Park, Boynton Beach Police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said.

    The officers found a gallon of water, a plastic bag filled with bread and an extra fuel drum on the boat, suggesting it was used for smuggling, Slater said. Fishermen told them the boat had been there a couple hours.

    A K9 was brought in, and immediately sniffed out a hidden compartment under the steering wheel. Inside the compartment was a garbage bag filled with 11 bundles of marijuana.

    The marijuana, some 20 pounds worth, has a street value of $20,000, Slater said.

    Police said it looked like more marijuana had already been offloaded and that the 11 bundles were overlooked and left behind.

    Detectives are still investigating and so far there are no suspects.

    The find comes less than a month after a similar discovery by Boynton Beach marine officers. In that find, officers arrested two men after 1,300 pounds of marijuana were found on a boat.

    The street value of that marijuana was put at over $1 million.