Christian Aguilar Search: Sweetwater Authorities Head to Gainesville to Join Search for Missing UF Student

Mayor, police chief and officers head to Gainesville to continue search

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    Around a dozen Sweewater Police officers and Mayor Manny Marono loaded trucks up with ATVs and other equipment and headed north to share in the massive search for Christian Aguilar. Marono and Police Chief Robert Fulgueira talked about their trip. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012)

    A group of Sweetwater Police officers were up before dawn Tuesday to make their way to Gainesville to join in the search efforts for missing University of Florida freshman Christian Aguilar.

    Around a dozen officers and Sweetwater Mayor Manny Marono loaded trucks up with ATVs and other equipment and headed north to share in the massive search for the 18-year-old from South Florida who was last seen Sept. 20.

    Blood Found in Bravo's SUV: Cops

    [MI] Christian Aguilar Case: Blood Found in Pedro Bravo's SUV, Police Say
    Blood was found in the sports utility vehicle of Pedro Bravo, the man accused of murdering missing University of Florida student Christian Aguilar, police said. Gainesville Police spokesman Officer Ben Tobias and Bravo's attorney, Ron Kozlowski, discussed the case. (Published Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012)

    Marono and some of the officers have already participated in the search, and many are donating their personal time, Marono said.

    Father of Missing UF Teen Not Giving Up Search

    "The first time we went, we went the first day this happened, the first couple days this happened," Marono said. "The police officers volunteered their time. Most of them are fathers, if not fathers they're brothers, if not they're uncles."

    The group left from City Hall around 4 a.m. Tuesday. Sweetwater Police Chief Robert Fulgueira said he's not sure when they'll return, but the group is holding out hope Aguilar will be found safe.

    RAW VIDEO: Bravo's Attorney "Will Not Respond" to Police: Cops

    [MI] RAW VIDEO: Bravo's Attorney "Will Not Respond" to Police: Cops
    Officer Ben Tobias spoke about missing University of Florida student Christian Aguilar on Saturday. He told NBC 6 South Florida that they haven't spoken with Bravo because his attorney has not responded to police. (Published Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012)

    "The father has hope, we're hoping that he's alive, he could be," Fulgueira said. "The environment is rough out there and I don't know, I don't know that he has survived, but one way or another we need to find that boy so that father can have some sort of closure."

    Although Christian Aguilar's body hasn't been found, Gainesville Police on Friday announced they were charging his friend and former classmate, Pedro Bravo, with murder in the disappearance.

    Aguilar was last seen with Bravo at a Gainesville Best Buy. Police initially charged Bravo, also 18, with depriving a crime victim of medical care, but the murder charge was added after police say they found blood in Bravo's SUV and found Aguilar's backpack hidden inside a suitcase in Bravo's closet.

    Blood Found in Bravo's SUV: Cops

    The blood found in the vehicle is being compared with DNA samples from Aguilar, police said.

    Last Wednesday, Gainesville Police said Bravo bought a shovel and roll of duct tape "several days" before the disappearance.

    Police said Bravo changed his story after being confronted with evidence but hasn't been cooperative with detectives. He's being held without bond and his attorney said Saturday that the case was far from over.

    “We’ve told you this before. Since the day the police first questioned him, they had him for somewhere between 8 to 12 hours," attorney Ron Kozlowski said. "They talked to him, they interrogated him, he drove them around town, he showed them what he said he knew."

    Family, friends and several law enforcement agencies have spent the past 11 days looking for the Doral Academy Preparatory High School grad. His father, Carlos Aguilar, said Monday that he wouldn't give up the search.

    “We need his body to be found to create a solid case and make sure Pedro never walks outside of a jail cell," he said.

    "Everybody's motivated to help this father and try to bring closure to this family and bring closure to South Florida," Marono said. "I think we all need closure."

    Anyone wishing to donate cash, snacks, rubber boots or machetes for the search efforts can drop them off at Sweetwater City Hall, at 500 Southwest 109th Place, on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

    A service in memory of Aguilar will be held Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Prince of Peace Catholic Church at 12800 NW 6th St. in Miami, the church said Monday.

    Group From Doral Joins Search for Missing UF Teen