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Dan Marino's New South Florida Real Estate Company Gives Back

Dolphins legend giving to foundation through real estate sales



    (Published Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011)

    Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino has a new start-up real estate company in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale with profits going to a good cause.
    As people everywhere debate whether the U.S. economy is finally on the upswing or still on the downswing, Marino is banking on the upswing.

    "Some of it, if it's successful will help our kids with the Foundation," Marino said.

    Marino and his two new partners in real estate announced Wednesday night their new Fort Lauderdale-based real estate firm, MMD Realty and their partnership with the W Hotel and Residences.  Marino's MMD handles the luxury condo sales and five percent of the profit goes to the Dan Marino Foundation.

    "The market is thriving in certain areas. Buyers are buying, it's a very active market right now and money can be made," Marino's partner, Michelle Farber Ross said. "So why not give a portion of that to a foundation that we believe in."

    It's a belief that's great for the foundation Marino started 22 years ago and has raised $33 million since to help kids and young adults with autism and special needs, a foundation Marino's own son, Mike, inspired.

    Marino says one of the newest programs at the Dan Marino Foundation that would benefit from the new venture's five-percent profit helps older kids aging out of the program get vocational education so then they can get jobs in the community.  Marino says it's a big deal.

    "That's what it's about, we're trying to help that as much as possible," Marino said.