First Lady Michelle Obama Campaigns in Davie While Occupy, Tea Party Protest Outside | NBC 6 South Florida

First Lady Michelle Obama Campaigns in Davie While Occupy, Tea Party Protest Outside

It was cheers inside and marches out as Michelle Obama hit the Signature Grand in Davie for a fundraiser



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    Michelle Obama at an event in September.

    First Lady Michelle Obama was in Davie Thursday night to raise money for her husband's upcoming re-election campaign.

    Others used her appearance at the Signature Grand to raise awareness.

    Members of both Occupy Fort Lauderdale and the Tea Party gathered outside the 300-person dinner, the former to send a message about political disenfranchisement and the latter to express displeasure with the President's handling of the economy.

    Inside, however, there were cheers from supporters as Obama praised her husband's first term to date -- and spoke of a better tomorrow.

    "We stand at a fundamental crossroad for our country," she said, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "In just a little over a year from now we are going to make a decision between two very different visions for this country."

    The vision Obama prefers, of course, is the Democratic incumbent.

    "Barack Obama never loses sight of the end goal," she said, according to the Sun-Sentinel, urging those present to "think about how your president is finally bringing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a responsible end."

    Occupy Fort Lauderdale organizer Jake said there were "pretty equal" numbers of occupiers and Tea Partiers alike at the Signature Grand.

    "It was fairly cordial," he said, referring to relations between the two groups. "There were some decent conversations that happened. You could say there was a glimmer of hope...It was a good day."