Lake Worth Polo Club Barn Fire Started in Appliance-Filled Room: Report

Several items were plugged into surge protector in room where horse food and supplies were kept

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    NBC News Channel
    The blaze destroyed the barn, which was 70-80 feet long.

    The fire that swept through the Gulfstream Polo Club in Lake Worth earlier this month killing nine horses started in a tack room filled with appliances, according to an incident report released Monday.

      The report released by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is in line with preliminary findings when the fire broke out on March 9. According to the report, several items - including microwaves and hot plates - were plugged into a surge protector behind the refrigerator.
    The Palm Beach Post reports horse food and supplies were also stored in the tack room.
    The 50-year-old barn in Lake Worth didn't have a sprinkler system.
    Omar Cepeda, who has rented the barn for three years, told the Post he's battled depression over the loss of the horses. He says the horses cost about $40,000 each.

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