Matthew Bent, Teen Convicted in Michael Brewer Burning Attack, Accepts Plea Deal for Related Charges

Matthew Bent has burglary, grand theft charges reduced to misdemeanors, gets credit for time served

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    Dennis Bent, father of Matthew Bent discusses the plea deal on trespass and petty theft charges related to the burning of Michael Brewer. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013)

    One of the South Florida teens convicted in the fiery attack on Michael Brewer was back in court Wednesday where he accepted a plea deal on burglary and grand theft charges related to the incident.

    Matthew Bent, 19, pleaded no contest to lesser charges of trespass and petty theft related to the 2009 attack on Brewer. He will get credit for time served

    Teen Gets 11 Years in Prison in Michael Brewer Burning Attack

    [MI] Teen Gets 11 Years in Prison in Michael Brewer Burning Attack
    The final defendant in the Michael Brewer burning case on Thursday was sentenced to 11 years in prison. NBC 6 reporter Ari Odzer reports from the Broward courthouse on the case against Matthew Bent. (Published Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012)

    "We felt it was a fair and just resolution, now he can put it behind him and move forward with his life," said Bent's attorney, Gordon Weeks. hopefully there can be some closure and everyone can move forward."

    Jurors in Brewer Burning Case Interviewed

    Judge Denies New Trial to Matthew Bent in Michael Brewer Burning Case

    [MI] Judge Denies New Trial to Matthew Bent in Michael Brewer Burning Case
    Circuit Judge Matthew Destry ruled Monday that Matthew Bent, 18, will not be allowed a new trial following his conviction on an aggravated battery charge in the 2009 attack on Michael Brewer. His mother and grandmother, Valerie and Reenie Brewer, spoke about the case, as did juror Karen Bates McCord and Bent's attorney Johnny McCray. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012)

    Bent was sentenced to 11 years in prison in December, after he was convicted of aggravated battery in the Deerfield Beach attack that left Brewer, then 15, with severe burns.

    Bent, who prosecutors say was the ringleader in the Brewer attack, was the only defendant who went to trial. Denver Jarvis, 17, who poured rubbing alcohol on Brewer, pleaded no contest to charges related to the attack and has been sentenced to eight years in prison with a probation term of 22 years.

    Jesus Mendez, 18, who pulled out a lighter and set Brewer on fire, also pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 11 years in prison followed by 19 years of probation.

    Michael Brewer Arrested on Drug Charges

    Bent was charged with the burglary and grand theft charges after he allegedly tried to steal a bicycle from the Brewer home before the attack.

    Bent's father, Dennis, said his son never took the bicycle and was ready to go to trial.

    "I didn't want him to go through this again, he didn't do nothing," Dennis Bent said. "Hopefully his appeal comes back next year and we can wash this up, get this over with and everybody move on and continue with their life."

    "This closes a chapter in the life of the Brewer family that they are very, very happy to have behind them," prosecutor Maria Schneider said.

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