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Miami Man Hospitalized After Brutal Beating

22-year-old survives vicious attack in Downtown Miami



    (Published Monday, July 9, 2012)

    The family of a South Florida man who was the victim of a brutal attack in downtown Miami spoke out Monday in the hopes of finding his attackers.

    Rene Jesus Betancourt remains hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital following the vicious July 7 beating that left him with a severely fractured skull.

    According to a Miami Police report of the incident, the attack happened just after midnight in the area of Northeast 3rd Street and Biscayne Boulevard

    The report said Betancourt called his sister asking for help and when the family found him, he was full of blood with bruises on his face.

    His father, Rene E. Betancourt, said he found his son in a parking lot just down the street from the hospital, and that his son was trying to get there on his own.

    "He was beaten almost to death and somehow he could get into his car and drive away and he tried to reach Jackson Hospital but unfortunately he could not," Rene E. Betancourt said.

    Betancourt told his family that he had been jumped by four or five black males, the report said.

    "It's a very strong object that hit him in the head. The main thing is the amount of energy that's transferred to cause a tear in the artery," said his father.

    When doctors examined Betancourt, they found he had a fractured skull, fractured left orbital bone, laceration to his head and blood clots in his head, the report said.

    He was rushed into surgery and remained in his hospital bed Monday.

    "You have to reconstruct the skull using metal plates and screws to hold it in place – those metal plates and screws we use frequently in neurosurgery – and they stay in for life and it's really not a problem," said surgeon Dr. Ricardo Komotar.

    Betancourt's father said his son had been living abroad until recently, and was going to meet with a group called Miami Downtown Skaters when the attack happened.

    He said his son was doing better, spoke a few words and recognized his sister Monday.

    "He was responsive to me, which made me very happy. I asked him if he knew who I was," said his sister Daniela Herdocia. "He said yes."

    Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. 

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