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Peruvian Teen Undergoing Genital Reconstruction Surgery in Miami

Teen who lost nearly all his genitalia in shotgun blast undergoing surgery



    (Published Thursday, July 26, 2012)

    A Miami foundation has announced a campaign to pay for genitalia reconstruction for a Peruvian teen who was shot in the groin.

    Jackson Memorial Foundation's International Kids Wonderfund wants to raise $50,000 for surgery for 17-year-old Luis Canelos.

    When Canelos was just nine, he suffered a gunshot wound to his groin that destroyed nearly all of his genitalia except for a portion of his right testicle. Canelos' father, Roger Canelos, said neither he nor the boy's mother were present when he was playing with a shotgun which blew off his genitalia.

    Now the teen will undergo a surgery that will require a two-team approach and will consist of forearm grafting and placing a cadaveric fibula bone. The surgery, scheduled for Aug. 2, could last 24 hours.

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    The surgery is similar to the procedure used for female to male sexual reassignment. Surgeons at Jackson perform half a dozen of the reconstructions each year.

    Because Canelos still has a portion of his testicle, doctors are hopeful he will be able to father a child in the future and if the surgery is successful, he could be a candidate for a penile implant to restore his sexual function.

    Canelos doesn't have medical insurance and his family can't afford the surgery. Taxpayer money can't be used for his procedure because Canelos isn't a U.S. resident.

    To contribute to the fund visit or call 1-877-IKF-KIDS.


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