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Prized Dog, Puppies Stolen From Miami Breeder's Home



    Prized Dog, Puppies Stolen From Miami Breeder's Home
    Marcelo Tuunrat
    Some of the puppies stolen from Miami breeder Marcelo Tuunrat

    A Miami breeder says his prized dog and more than a dozen expensive puppies were stolen during a burglary at his home New Year's Eve night.

    Marcelo Cicuta returned to his home early New Year's Day to find his prized French Bulldog "Che" stolen, along with 15 of Che's puppies.

    "They took my big dog, right now, I need the dogs back," Cicuta said Thursday. "The situation right now is very bad."

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    Whoever broke into the home took only the dogs, who Cicuta believes were specifically targeted. Cicuta, who breeds the dogs for shows, thinks they may have been taken by another breeder.

    "I don't know 100 percent," he said.

    Cicuta said Che will be 5 years old in March. The puppies are between 2 and 4 weeks old.

    Though he filed a report with Miami Police, Cicuta said he's been searching online to see if whoever took the dogs is trying to sell them.

    "I cross my fingers. Today, maybe I have better luck," he said.

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    Miami Police are asking anyone with information to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.