SmartWater Being Used to Fight Crime in Coral Gables

Coral Gables is now using SmartWater to catch criminals and track down owners of stolen property.

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    NBC 6 South Florida
    SmartWater technology can help police catch criminals and track you down if your stolen valuables are recovered.

    It’s an invisible crime-fighting liquid that’s becoming quite popular in South Florida cities.

    The new tool is call SmartWater and the City of Coral Gables is now using it to catch criminals and track down owners of stolen property.

    "Our hope and expectation is that property crime activity in the City of Coral Gables will be significantly reduced over time," said Coral Gables Police Chief Dennis Weiner.

    Fighting property theft could be as easy as wiping SmartWater, which is non-toxic and dries clear, on your valuables. Each order of SmartWater has a special code that is registered to the person who purchased it. In the event those valuables are robbed, but the property is recovered by police, it can be returned to the owner.

    SmartWater is also being used in court to prosecute criminals or to identify suspects that break into a home or business.

    The technology would look a sprinkler system that would trigger a panic alarm as a burglar is leaving, spraying the burglar with the SmartWater.

    Right now Coral Gables residents can buy their own SmartWater kits for just $30 by calling the Coral Gables Crime Watch at 305-441-5760.