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Victim's Family Doesn't Want Killer Paroled

Carol Broihahn is speaking out against allowing her sister's killer to be paroled



    (Published Friday, Sept. 16, 2011)

    Mary Ward was tortured and shot in the head execution style. So was her boyfriend.  

    “There was blood everywhere, all over the walls,” says Mary Ward’s sister Carol Broihahn. That horrific murder took place in 1981. Clarence Frederick eventually pled guilty to two second degree murder charges and at the same time an additional second degree murder involving another victim.
    With the blood of three homicide victims on his hands, Clarence Frederick is ready to walk out of jail on parole.
    Under Florida Law at the time, Frederick was eligible for parole after 25 years on each of the murder pleas. The State of Florida Parole Board approved a plan to let him out. One reason was that no one objected. They had not heard from the family of Mary Ward or the other victim’s family.
    Broihahn was livid. She claims the Parole Board had her correct address. When Frederick’s last hearing prior to release she was there to pled to the three person panel to keep a man she says is a career criminal in jail forever. She told the board: "He is a bad egg, and if you let him out he will kill again.”
    She was horrified, and the board showed concern that Federick has requested he be paroled to several locations near the victims’ family members.
    “In Fort Lauderdale, not very far away from my son and in Ocala several blocks away from my sister, “ she said in a trembling voice. She said Federick vowed revenge against family members.
    The parole board put off a final decision till Sept. 28. They seem divided, one for parole, one against and one brand new to the board. Carol and here family will be back to testify
    David Mack is a parole specialist has been helping Frederick. He acknowledges a bad past but says he is not the same man 30 years later.
    "He's remorseful for what he did and the crimes that he's committed. But he's a different person today, and he shows his humbleness and asks for their forgiveness," Mack said.
    Broihahn's family is not buying that and they want the public to call the Parole Board to express outrage.
    “Thirty years later that pain is still there. Our hearts still bleed. I know it is Christian to forgive but this cannot go unpunished,” she said.