Woman Caught on Camera Ripping Off Hialeah Liquor Store in Company of Young Girl: Owner

Owner says peace sign-flashing woman has stolen bottles of liquor at least twice

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    Surveillance video caught a woman ripping off a liquor store in Hialeah. In one video she is seen taking a bottle of cognac and stuffing it in her purse at the El Gigante liquor store on Hialeah Drive last month. In a second piece of video, she snatches two bottles. Store clerk Rudy Abru said he thinks the adult used a young girl as a distraction for one of the thefts on April 26. Police are investigating. (Published Wednesday, May 8, 2013)

    A Hialeah liquor store owner is battling back after he says he was ripped off by the same woman twice, once while she was with a young girl.

    Oscar Lopez said he's adding security cameras after a shoplifter pulled off some bold moves at the El Gigante Liquor #2 on Hialeah Boulevard recently.

    Surveillance video from the store shows a woman swiping bottles in the company of a young girl. The woman stops, chats with a store clerk, then gives a peace sign before walking out.

    "Being a father of two, I despise that, there's no way, shape or form you should do that to a little kid," said store clerk Rudy Abru.

    "It's too much," said owner Oscar Lopez, who believes the young girl was there as a distraction.