Fort Lauderdale Organization Receives $1.4 Million From Department of Labor to Help Ex-Inmates Find Jobs

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    The U.S. Department of Labor awarded $1.4 million on Wednesday to a Fort Lauderdale work agency to help inmates enter the workforce.

    The OIC of South Florida Inc. received the money for job training of adult inmates, according to a Department of Labor email statement. The South Florida organization was one of 16 nonprofits that were awarded a portion of  $20 million.

    This money is part of the Training to Work-Adult Reentry Initiative, which helps provide soon-to-be-released inmates work skills, education and supportive services in the hopes of improving their long-term employment, the department said.

    “The grants announced today will help incarcerated adults build a bridge to their communities and improve their chances of success in life,” acting Secretary of Labor Seth D. Harris said in the email statement. “Through the Training to Work program, the participants have a better chance of attaining employment by acquiring industry-recognized credentials, and as a result are more likely to positively contribute to their communities.”

    The organizations receiving the money are expected to help participants get industry-recognized credentials. In addition, the programs will focus on jobs that are in-demand and ex-offenders are eligible for, the statement said.

    Individuals participating have approved release dates, which range from six to nine months. They are also under the supervision of state or local correctional facilities.

    Each grant covers 39 months, six months for planning and 33 months of operation. It also provides nine months for follow-up services for each participant.

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