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Center Turns Trash Into Arts and Crafts Treasure

The ReThink and ReUse Center is an art store, educational center and recycling facility rolled into one

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    The ReThink and ReUse Center in Miami is a must see for creative kids, teachers, and parents. It's an art store, educational center, and recycling facility rolled into one. The materials had former lives as bottle caps, fabric samples, packing foam, wallpaper, even ice cream tubs.

    Now cleaned and organized, the items beg to be reused as art elements, manipulatives, and building tools. The Center encourages "hands on learning," offering workshops so teachers can learn techniques for educating students through play.

    Backers of the ReThink and ReUse Center include The Children's Trust. An annual membership costs $25. Nonmembers can pay $1 per pound of materials.