Firefighters Rescue Two Kittens Trapped in Wall

Family called fire officials after hearing kittens meowing behind wall for several days, officials said

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    Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue
    The Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue Engine 14 rescued two kittens Wednesday night, officials said.

    Two kittens trapped inside a bedroom wall were rescued Wednesday night by the Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue Engine 14, officials said.

    A family at 2861 NW 12 Ct. called the fire department after hearing kittens meowing behind the wall for several days, according to a release.

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    When the firefighters arrived Wednesday, they used a thermal imaging camera and a stethoscope to locate the kittens, fire officials said.

    Authorities said they cut a hole in the drywall and after removing some debris, the tiny kittens dropped down the wall into the hands of the firefighters.

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    Officials said the kittens were in good shape but were thirsty. The animals were turned over to the family who said they will care for them, the release said.