3-Year-Old Boy Burned When Father Tries to Light BBQ Grill: Police

The son suffered third-degree burns

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    NBC Miami
    Hollywood Police spokeswoman Diana Pereira

    A 3-year-old boy was severely burned in Hollywood Wednesday night after his father attempted to light a barbecue grill with gasoline, police said.

    “When he ignited it, there was a little trail of gas that led to where the little boy was standing, and the little boy ended up suffering third-degree burns,” Hollywood Police spokeswoman Diana Pereira said.

    The incident took place at 510 N. 60th Way, where officers responded after getting a call from a man who said that his son had been burned with gasoline, Pereira said.

    The boy was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital, where he is being treated for “traumatic injuries.” He was burned in his face, arms and torso, Pereira said.

    She said the incident would probably be categorized as an accident, but called it “unfortunate.”

    “The father used gasoline to light a grill, to put some steaks on it, as opposed to just running to the corner store and getting some lighting fluid,” she said. “Sometimes we think that we can resolve a matter that much quicker by using shortcuts, but now look – look at the tragedy that this child has to suffer now, probably for the rest of his life.”