Bar Fight Resulting in Two Arrests Caught on Camera, Goes Viral

At this time, no reports regarding the incident have been filed with Fort Lauderdale Police.

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    A spectator recorded and uploaded video online of a bar fight between two patrons and bouncers at Dirty Blondes Sport Bar in Fort Lauderdale Beach. (Published Tuesday, July 30, 2013)

    A bar brawl between bouncers and customers left two people arrested and created an online following after a video of it went viral.

    The video, taken Sunday and posted to Instagram by keelan_lftm_dumont, shows bouncers beating up two guys at Dirty Blondes Sports Bar in Fort Lauderdale Beach. In the video, a man wearing a "security" shirt is seen grabbing someone from behind. Another guy wearing a "security" shirt comes into view and is seen beating up someone and stomping on his face with his foot.

    After the fight, a bouncer tells the two men to "have a good day."

    The two patrons, Alexander Coelho, 29, and David Parker, 28, were arrested after the fight.

    WATCH: More Details on the Fight at Dirty Blondes Sports Bar

    When Fort Lauderdale Police officers arrived at about 7 p.m., they said Coelho and Parker were having a verbal confrontation with security. They both had blood on them and threatening the staff, police said.

    Coelho had pushed an officer when he was trying to get information from him, police said. He was arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct.

    According to Parker's arrest report, he was given a notice to appear in court by police when they were called for the fight. But officers were called back to the bar later that night when Parker returned challenging security to a fight in the street, police said. He was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

    The owner of Dirty Blondes told NBC 6 that the bouncers can only take so much and their problems came outside when that group of people were talking in a derogatory manner to them. The owner also said the group was kicked out for arguing with the bartender because their drinks didn't have enough alcohol in them.

    But now the group is going online "to get justice for the victims of the bouncers," according to the Facebook page Boycott Dirty Blondes'.

    The page, created Monday, has more than 2,000 likes as of Tuesday evening.

    So far, no reports regarding the incident have been filed with Fort Lauderdale Police. However, police said Coelho's attorney told them Coelho is expected to file an official report. They said the incident will remain an open case and are still asking anyone with further information to call 954-828-5546.

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