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Brazilian Designer A.Z Araujo Uses New Colors During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

This year, A.Z Araujo's collection is expected to differ from his previous collections and will include more reds and navy blues.



    A.Z Araujo

    Brazilian swimsuit designer A.Z Araujo has spent months working 18-hour days to make sure that every detail in his upcoming collection is perfect.

    His designs will be shown at the Raleigh Hotel on July 21 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014. And when models strut down the runway, they will be wearing more reds and navy blues. He will also be incorporating skirts, pants, jumpsuits, menswear and separates that he said could be worn into the night.

    He has been working this way for the past four years, since the launch of his swimwear line. He barely sleeps and goes back to working at any chance he gets.

    “It’s not easy like people think,” Araujo said. “People think that it’s just cutting a piece of fabric, but it’s really hard and it is not easy to maintain. It’s not just the glamour it’s hard work.”

    He attributes his quick success to the hard work that he has put in over the years.

    Araujo is known for being so detailed in his work, that even the inside of his bathing suits have to be impeccable.

    “Some people only think about outside, but I’m picky with the inside of my clothing everything has to be very clean from the inside to the outside,” Araujo said. “If you look inside the bathing suits it’s almost like the outside.”

    Araujo said he is frequently inspired by vintage Versace and Valentino designs, but does not follow any modern trends.

    “I don’t follow the rules, I don’t follow colors or trends,” Araujo said. “I like to do me, what I think is good now.”

    But as he evaluates his work over the past years, Araujo said he is both proud and astonished of his growth and his changes.

    “When I go and look at the first bathing suits and the beginning, wow,” Araujo said. “It’s like a baby and now I see this baby almost four years walking! Everything is changing, but I’m still very picky.”