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Broward Parents Continue Wait for Bus Route Information

The district said the bus cards were delayed this year and not sent out in time



    (Published Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012)

    For a second day, many Broward County families waited for hours in the heat, in air conditioned buses and under umbrellas to find out what bus routes their children will take come Monday morning.

    "I am just pissed off really because this is like disorganization to the highest, this is the epitome of inefficiency," said Benita, who did not give her last name. 

    Benita worries there won't be a bus to pick up her 16-year-old special needs child in the morning.

    Normally, bus cards with locations, times and routes are mailed out weeks in advance. The Broward County School District says this year, an administrative delay in sending out the cards caused the backup.

    Broward Parents Worried About Bus Routes

    [MI] Broward Parents Worried About Bus Routes
    Due to a delay in mailing bus cards, parents flooded bus depots Saturday demanding answers and wondering whether their children would have a ride to school come Monday.
    (Published Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012)

    Broward Parents Worried About Bus Routes

    "Your tax dollars go to pay for stuff like this, this is ridiculous," Benita said. "If this was going to be an issue this should have been done two weeks, three weeks ago, not the day or two days before school is supposed to start."

    Susan Zaske missed church to wait in line Sunday morning. Her husband was turned away Saturday after a three-hour wait. On Sunday, she is number 137 and her chances are better.

    She said that that without a bus, "I will have to be late everyday to work in order to get my son to school on time and then I have to try to figure out how to pick him up because I don't have family don't here to be able to pick him up."

    Even if everything works out, this is not how the Maloney family planned to spend their last day before school starts.

    "I feel like kinda sad because I might not get a bus, but I know if I do get one it's going to be OK," said student Tristan Maloney.

    The crowd Sunday was considerably smaller compared with Saturday's but the average wait time is still about three hours.

    The bus depot is staying open extra hours and a representative from the school district assures NBC 6 that no child will be without a bus come Monday morning.

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