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Captain Accused in Fatal Boat Toss a Fugitive

Man facing manslaughter now wanted after he's a no-show at arraignment



    A Miami-Dade boat captain accused of pushing a man off his boat to his death last July has a warrant for his arrest after he failed to show up at hearing Friday.

    Eulices Alvarez Barrios (pictured), 38, was a no-show at his arraignment in Miami where he was set to be charged with manslaughter.

    Barrios is accused of pushing 22-year-old Domingo Vilalta off a boat on July 4 near the Broad Causeway. Vilalta and Barrios were part of a two-boat party that was celebrating the holiday in Biscayne Bay.

    Vilalta was allegedly drunk when he and Barrios got into an argument on the boat before Vilalta was thrown overboard

    Relatives didn't notice Vilalta's body was missing until the boast had cast off, and it took nearly two days for his body to be found.

    Barrios was arrested in October.