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Christmas Spirit Thrives As 600 Trees Are Given Away

The trees were doled out Saturday at two Miami locations, cheering up many families in need



    (Published Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012)

    The holidays are getting brighter for hundreds of South Florida families who on Saturday received a free Christmas tree -- part of Good Samaritan’s act of generosity during the holiday season.  

    "This is the first time in my life that I will have a real Christmas tree," said one holiday reveler, Vivian Martinez.   

    The trees were donated by an NBC 6 viewer, Mike Fernandez, a businessman who founded health insurer Simply Healthcare Plans. His volunteers doled out 600 trees at two Miami locations, including at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church and School.

    Good Samaritan Grants Christmas Wish for Disabled Florist

    [MI] Good Samaritan Grants Christmas Wish for Disabled Florist
    A Christmas wish came true for Jorge Alvart Thursday, when Mike Fernandez surprised him with a check to buy hundreds of Christmas trees from his flower shop. They spoke about the change of fate for Alvart, a double amputee who had been having trouble selling his inventory this holiday season.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012)

    Good Samaritan Grants Christmas Wish For Disabled Florist

    The trees were sitting days before -- almost unnoticed -- on a lot run by Jorge Alvart. NBC6 first shared the story of Alvart, a double amputee who blamed construction near his floral shop on Bird Road for his trouble selling trees.

    Fernandez was so moved by Alvart's hardship and determination to be a success in America, that Fernandez bought Alvart’s entire tree inventory.

    Disabled Man Blames Road Work for Low Xmas Tree Sales

    [MI] Disabled Man's Christmas Tree Sales Hampered by Construction on Red Road
    Six months ago Jorge Alvart bought an orchid store, but now it's packed with Christmas trees he has trouble selling. Alvart, who said his arms had to be amputated in a Cuban prison, blames construction on Red Road for the low sales. Alain Hernandez of Cuba Appliances also spoke about the issue.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012)

    "I never expected something so beautiful to happen to me,” Alvart said of Fernandez. “He's a tremendous gentleman with a huge heart."

    Disabled Man's Christmas Tree Sales Hampered by Construction on Red Road

    Fernandez’s generosity didn’t surprise Marcio Cabrera, the CEO of Simply Healthcare Plans.

    "He's so generous throughout the year,” Cabrera said. “He's an incredible person. He has taught all of us how to really give."

    The families who couldn't afford the trees appreciating receiving them, they said.  

    "I feel a lot better knowing that they had gotten the trees from him,” Martinez said of Alvart. “He says he's been having a lot of economic difficulties lately."

    Byron Lebron also received a free tree. "I'm saving a lot, because a tree like that, it costs about $80, $90,” Lebron said.  

    Miami City Commissioner Francis Suarez coordinated the distribution effort in his district.

    "I think all the families that have come here and received a tree today left with a very, very happy and joyful experience."

    Fernandez also has invited Alvart and his family to Fernandez’s home for Christmas Eve to celebrate the holiday together.

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