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Closing Arguments Underway In Nova Professor's Murder Trial

The jury begins deliberations on Tuesday.



    (Published Monday, May 7, 2012)

    Assistant State Attorney Tom Coleman asked the jury on Monday to use common sense when deliberating whether to convict Randy Tundidor Sr. of murdering a Nova Southeastern University professor.

    Coleman told the jury, "I began this trial by telling this case was an absolute horror story, and you have not heard a single piece of evidence that makes that untrue."

    Coleman asked the jury to use common sense to see through the defense contention that Tundidor's son, Randy Tundidor Jr. committed the murder of college professor Joe Morrissey on his own without any involvement from his father.

    The state says the son had no motive or reason to invade the Morrissey home on his own. The father, however, allegedly had a vendetta against Morrissey, who was in the process of evicting him from his apartment, prosecutors said.

    Defense Begins Case in Nova Professor Murder

    [MI] Defense Begins Case in Nova Professor Murder
    The jury in the Randy Tundidor Sr. murder trial saw a parade of Broward County Main Jail inmates come to the stand Monday, all of whom said that they befriended Randy Tundidor Jr. in jail and that he told them his father was innocent. Last week Tundidor Jr. testified against his father as part of a plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the April 2010 killing of Dr. Joseph Morrissey. Tundidor Sr. is on trial for first-degree murder and three other charges in the case.
    (Published Monday, April 30, 2012)

    Randy Tundidor Jr. was the state's star witness, testifying against his father, saying his dad killed Morrissey. He pleaded guilty to his involvement in the crime in exchange for his testimony.

    The prosecutor told the jury the only deal they made was the Randy Tundidor Jr. would not get the death penalty. He could still get life in prison.

    Defense attorney Chris Pole asked the jury to dismiss the son’s testimony and again said the son is the one who murdered Morrissey. He pointed out there's no physical evidence linking the father to the crime, and he said Randy Tundidor Jr. had more of a reason to kill. The father denies any involvement in the crime.

    "Doesn't it make more sense that the motivating factor is a crack addict," Pole said, "angry and frustrated that he didn't find more money in the house. He's angry, he's upset, he's hyped up on crack."

    Pole said Randy Tundidor Jr. would say anything to avoid the death penalty.

    The jury begins deliberations on Tuesday.