Congressional Candidate Changes Name To

Eddie Gonzalez admits it's a gimmick, but points out he's corralled media attention

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    Don't call Congressional candidate Eddie Gonzalez Eddie Gonzalez. Really. That s not his name he legally changed it to (Published Friday, June 1, 2012)

    Don't call Congressional candidate Eddie Gonzalez “Eddie Gonzalez.” Really.

    That’s not his name – he legally changed it to

    He admits it’s a gimmick.

    “But I'm on the front page of thousands of Internet pages right now, search engines, I'm on major news outlets right now,” the candidate says.

    Gonzalez shelled out $400 for a court order for the name change. His legitimate campaign website – or is that his name? – touts how he is an independent candidate with “new energy, new ideas.”

    “After you get past the part that brought you to me, I want you to stay for the ideas,” he says.

    His number one issue is energy independence. Gonzalez proposes taking 9 cents from the federal gas tax, which he says would be about a billion dollars a month, and invest it in infrastructure to create an energy-independent America.

    Gonzalez, whose campaign is based in Hialeah, is running in the 25th Congressional District, and going up against powerhouse Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart.

    Gonzalez has accomplished one of his goals – getting the media's attention – but to win he needs attention from voters too.

    “Because of the powers that be between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party its very hard to have your message get out there, so I needed a media-savvy tactic in order to push my message,” he says.

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