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Convicted Felon Arrested For Carrying a Concealed Weapon in His Pants' Waistband



    Monroe County Sheriff's Office
    Robert Allen Christiansen

    A man was arrested in the Florida Keys after trying to hitchhike with a handgun in the waistband of his pants, authorities said Tuesday.

    Robert Allen Chistiansen was arrested Monday for carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest, said the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

    Deputy Chris Duncan was patrolling when he saw Christiansen "aggressively" trying to stop traffic, according to the sheriff's office.

    When cars didn't stop, Christiansen put his thumb out to hitchhike, which is illegal, the sheriff's office said.

    Duncan stopped and told Christiansen he couldn't hitchhike. Duncan then asked if he had any weapons, and if he had been arrested before. Christiansen said he had a pocketknife and was previously arrested on armed robbery, authorities said.

    While Duncan went to check Christiansen's name, the man was told to put his hands where Duncan could see them, but he didn't keep his hands still, the sheriff's office said. Duncan said Christiansen seemed to be reaching for something.

    Because Christiansen kept moving his hands around, Duncan handcuffed him, the sheriff's office said.

    At that point, Duncan saw a black handle that looked like a handgun in Christiansen's waistband.

    As Duncan was trying to keep Christiansen under control and remove the gun safely, Christiansen continued to reach for the weapon in his waistband, authorities said. He wouldn't stop resisting, the sheriff's office said.

    A witness helped Duncan remove the gun, which turned out to be a semiautomatic handgun.

    Christiansen was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed firearm, being a convicted felon with a firearm and resisting arrest. He is currently being held in jail without bond, according to online jail records.

    It wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney.

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