Detectives Take Bricks As Evidence Outside Missing Miramar Woman's Home | NBC 6 South Florida

Detectives Take Bricks As Evidence Outside Missing Miramar Woman's Home

Vilet Torrez, 38, has been missing since last Friday



    Miramar Police
    Vilet Torrez

    Nearly a week after Vilet Torrez went missing, Miramar Police hope they will find something in her home that will lead them to the missing mother of three.

    Detectives executed a search warrant, searching inside and outside her townhouse Thursday. It was a troubling sight for her neighbor Gilberto Morejon, who knows Torrez and her husband and said he is shocked the 38-year-old woman is missing.

    Morejon said he has never seen or heard anything coming from their home.

    “Nothing that could give you an idea or a clue. Nothing,” he said.

    Detectives found something outside on some bricks, spending a lot of time looking at them and bagging a few up for further investigation.

    Torrez did not show up for work at Bath Fitter in Doral last weekend. Her family reported her missing on Monday.

    She was last seen last Friday at 11 p.m., visiting a friend. No one has seen or heard from her since – something friends and family say is unlike her.

    A neighbor said she remembers her last conversation with Torrez, about problems she was having in her marriage.

    Torrez has been separated from her husband, Cid Torrez, for a few months. He told NBC 6 he last saw his wife Friday afternoon while he was picking up his three children for the weekend.

    On Monday night, Cid Torrez was in Morejon's house, talking about his wife.

    “He was really scared, like shocking, asking for help,” Morejon recalled. “If we see her, to let him know or call him by phone."