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Doctors Treating More Kids Burned by "Fire Challenge"



    (Published Friday, Aug. 1, 2014)

    Eleven-year-old Derrick Robinson is out of the hospital after getting burned by the “fire challenge.” The viral “challenge” is sending more and more kids to the hospital with a long recovery time ahead of them.

    “It’s been 48 hours (since the 11-year-old came in),” said Dr. Carlos Medina of the Kendal Regional Burn Clinic. “We have eight of them, so there’s been seven more cases between Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida.”

    The so-called “fire challenge” or “burn challenge” involves kids pouring rubbing alcohol, acetone, or other flammable liquids on their body and then lighting their body on fire. The stunt is filmed by someone else and then uploaded onto social media, all in hopes of sudden fame.

    The videos have been popping up on Facebook, YouTube, LiveLeak, and various other websites. Many times the participants are standing in a shower or tub when they attempt the “challenge.”

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    “They believe that they can do this, get under the shower and not get burned,” said Dr. Medina. “But 100 percent of the time, they get burned.”

    Robinson’s immediate future has changed dramatically. He has severe burns on his torso, chest, and shoulder. He will also not be able to play pop warner football this fall and will have to return to the clinic weekly to have his dressings changed.

    He does have one message for anyone thinking about the stunt.

    “Do not do the burn challenge!” Robinson said.

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