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Drilling to Begin Along Stretch of A1A Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

The work starts Monday and runs through Sunday evening



    Drilling Along A1A Starts to Repair Damage from Hurricane Sandy (Published Monday, Jan. 21, 2013)

    The Florida Department of Transportation will begin drilling along a stretch of A1A on Fort Lauderdale Beach, which was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

    Store front manager Nicky Lalwani said he can appreciate the restoration process.

    "If it does better in the city it does better for everybody in the future," said Lalwani.

    He also said the erosion and construction along A1A has slowed down traffic on the road and ultimately to his store, but across the street Promanti brothers manager, Jerry Dobbyn, said his restaurant hasn't felt the same effects at all.

    "Yeah well our numbers are still good. We had that big bowl game in January so were doing alright," he said.

    The permit to drill granted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection will allow construction crews to install sheet piling to be installed between NE 14th Court and NE 18th Street, north of Sunrise Blvd.

    Life-long resident Karl Pfister said he hoped the city will learn a lesson from encroaching on the beach.

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    "You know it's science really. You know when the waters rise, you're going to lose structural integrity as to everything that's on the shore. So, hopefully they start taking note that whether or not they do, I'm not a hundred percent but I'll hold my breath because you're going to need to when were all under water."

    Once the drilling begins, nearby properties may feel vibrations.

    The transportation department anticipated the work will take place Monday through Sunday evening. The city and state officials are urging people to stay clear of the area and avoid the construction zone.