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Erik Spoelstra Cheering for Seattle in Super Bowl

Erik Spoelstra visited the Seattle Seahawks during the NFL preseason and is now cheering the team on.

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    Erik Spoelstra visited the Seattle Seahawks during the NFL preseason

    Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra knows a thing or two about winning championships. As the leader of two straight NBA titles, his input being valued shouldn't come as a surprise. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Spoelstra made a stop at the Seattle Seahawks' training camp during the past NFL preseason. Those Seahawks are now headed to New Jersey for the Super Bowl and they have at least one fan in Miami.

    Spoelstra who hails from Oregon had this to say about Seattle's victory over the San Francisco 49ers this past Sunday: "Most of my friends, everybody was glued to the TV. Oregonians cheer for the Seahawks."   

    Spoelstra gave a speech while he was at the camp, trying to pass along a few words of wisdom and keep the Seahawks driven for their ultimate goal of a Super Bowl title, according to ESPN.

    Having a proven winner visit a locker room is a common strategy in sports to rally the troops and remind the players that talent can only take them so far.  Nobody knows that better than someone who has been part of multiple titles.

    Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said this at the time: “The biggest thing that correlates with us and the Heat is the way we practice. How hard we work is the similarity. But we can’t compare ourselves to them yet. We haven’t done anything yet.”

    As is the norm for the Super Bowl, a lot of people have thoughts on the big game. LeBron James for one was asked for his and had this to say: "I will take the Broncos. But that's the easy way. I think that the weather, depending on what the weather's going to be like, can play a part in the game, as well, knowing how great defensively Seattle is and also their running game."