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Eyeglasses Theft Suspect Turns Herself in After Being Seen on Video: Coral Springs Police

Jennifer Moreno, 21, faces a charge of grand theft



    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012)

    A Coral Springs woman turned herself in Tuesday to face a grand theft charge after she was spotted on surveillance video stealing expensive eyeglasses, police said.

    In the video, the face of the woman police identified as Jennifer Moreno was clear to see.

    The 21-year-old hid her face, apparently embarrassed, as she walked into the Coral Springs Police Department Tuesday afternoon.

    In the video, she appears to slip a pair of glasses into her right front pocket, then covers it with her shirt. It also shows her putting glasses in her other front pocket and in the back of her pants, each time covering the bulge with her shirt.

    Dozens of people called police after seeing the video online and on air.

    “From last night ‘til this morning we received over 40 tips. Out of the 40, over 30 were identifying Jennifer Moreno who was the one responsible for stealing the designer sunglasses,” Coral Springs Police Lt. Joe McHugh said.

    The five pairs of eyeglasses were worth a total of $1,740, according to police.

    Habersham County Sheriff Office

    They were taken from the Eagle Eyecare store at 1380 Coral Ridge Drive last Wednesday, police said.

    “It's upsetting to see that you were tricked, that someone pulled something off over you and we didn't find out until after the fact,” store owner Michael Silverman said. “And so it was very upsetting when you work hard and someone just takes what you work for and thinks nothing of it.”

    Investigators may have found the alleged thief, but the expensive glasses are still missing, McHugh said.

    “As of right now from what I understand from our detectives she did not bring the property, which she told us she was going to return, so we're still currently looking for five pairs of designer sunglasses which she removed from the store,” McHugh said.

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