FBI Takes Boxes of Evidence From Home Where 2010 Murder Happened | NBC 6 South Florida

FBI Takes Boxes of Evidence From Home Where 2010 Murder Happened



    (Published Wednesday, March 26, 2014)

    The FBI executed a search warrant at a Northeast Miami-Dade home Wednesday, but the agency is not saying why or what was recovered.

    Aerial footage shows FBI agents tearing a metal gate off the home at 355 Northeast 111th Street before busting open a door. When they left, they took boxes of evidence, including a printer. They also detained a man they are not identifying.

    "All I can say it was very bad or they wouldn't have been there. It hasn't happened before," said a resident named Esther.

    Esther said she was woken up at 6 a.m. to a lot of commotion.

    "I got out of bed quick and got my phone and I looked out the window first to see what was going on and I saw everybody running," she said.

    Neighbors said they've never noticed anything unusual at the residence, except for the seven security cameras visible on the front and sides of the home.

    This isn't the first time authorities have been there either. In October of 2010, Miami-Dade Police investigated the murder of 25-year-old Jimmy Baptiste, who was ambushed in the driveway of the home and shot to death as he was getting out of his SUV.

    The FBI would not comment on whether that murder had anything to do with Wednesday's raid. No appearances were made in federal court related to the matter.