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Family Of Missing Miramar Mother Feared For Her Safety

Vilet Torrez has been missing since the end of March.



    (Published Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015)

    The family of a missing Miramar mother continues to cling on to hope that Vilet Torrez will be found safely.

    Torrez's friends and family handed out flyers Saturday at a Miramar Parkway shopping center in hopes that someone could help them find her.

    "She was happy, always smiling," said Deli, whose husband worked with Torrez. "I never saw her not smiling. It was one of her strongest features."

    The support for finding the mother of three has helped hold her family together following a painful last two weeks.

    Miramar Mom Missing For Eight Days

    [MI] Miramar Mom Missing For Eight Days
    It has been eight days since Miramar mother Vilet Torrez has been seen. NBC 6 spoke with her friend Clarissa Garcia who said she thinks the case will have a tragic outcome.
    (Published Sunday, April 8, 2012)

    "It sort of speaks volumes about her character and about what kind of person she was," said her brother Javier Blanco. "A beautiful human being and angel on earth."

    Torrez was reported missing at the end of March. After executing a search warrant at her home and checking surveillance video of the neighborhood, police still have no leads.

    Torrez's family said they feared for her safety even before she disappeared.

    Children of Missing Miramar Woman Removed From Father's Care

    [MI] Children of Missing Miramar Woman Removed From Father's Care
    The children of Cid and Vilet Torrez, who hasn't been seen since last Friday, were removed from their father's custody Thursday night following a confidential call to the Florida Abuse Hotline, Mark Riordan, spokesman for the Florida Department of Children and Families, said Friday. Vilet Torrez's brother, Javier Blanco, said a family member made the call after Cid Torrez threatened to get a gun and "end it all." During a shelter hearing Friday in a Broward court room, a judge confirmed the children would be staying with their maternal grandparents. Cid Torrez left the courtroom in tears following the judge's decision. "The judge erred on the side of caution," Torrez's attorney, Alvin Entin, said after the hearing. "He's taken the children away on what we believe to be a very temporary basis on a very thin case."
    (Published Friday, April 6, 2012)

    "My mom has always had a mother's intuition," said Torrez's sister Nayiva Blanco. "Now that I look back, I keep thinking to myself 'Why didn't I pay attention?' The last thing she said was 'Do you want me to wait until I can't help her any more? Do you want me to wait until she gets killed?'"

    They said the responsible employee and mother would have never disappeared willingly.

    The Florida Department of Children and Families has temporarily removed the kids from her estranged husband Cid Torrez's custody after a family member made a confidential call to the Florida Abuse Hotline fearing the man would try to hurt himself or the couple's children. The kids are currently staying with their maternal grandmother.

    Police, Family Continue To Look For Missing Miramar Woman

    [MI] Police, Family Continue To Look For Missing Miramar Woman
    Miramar Police and friends and family of Vilet Torrez handed out flyers near her home Tuesday. They went to nearby communities and shopping centers searching for information about the missing mother of three. The 38-year-old woman was reported missing last Monday, but hasn't been seen since Friday, March 30. "It feels like a dream. We're totally destroyed," Torrez brother Javier Blanco said. "I feel like I've lost faith in humanity. I don't know what happened ... and something happened."
    (Published Tuesday, April 10, 2012)

    "I want her to be found. At the end of the day, closure means the world," Javier Blanco said.

    The family is also planning a candle light vigil for Torrez sometime this week.

    Police urge anyone who has information to call 954-493-TIPS.

    Miramar Mother of Three Missing: Police

    [MI] Miramar Mother of Three Missing: Police
    There is still no trace of a Miramar mother of three young children who was reported missing on Monday. Vilet Torrez, 38, was last seen visiting a friend on Friday at about 11 p.m. and never showed up for work over the weekend or on Monday, Miramar Police said. On Tuesday afternoon detectives were at her home talking to her husband, Cid Torrez. The couple separated about two months ago. He says he last saw his wife Friday afternoon when he picked up the children for the weekend. "Our relationship, as far as when it comes to the kids ? she's a great mother. As for her and me we did have our little differences right at the end. But when it comes to our kids, everything was very very close," he said. "My kids need their mother."
    (Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012)