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Family Plans Run for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

The run is scheduled for Saturday at Stafford Park in Miami Springs



    (Published Monday, Jan. 23, 2012)

    A family who is facing the final days of their loved one's battle with ovarian cancer is honoring her by continuing to try to educate people about the illness.

    On Monday, the Wolf family spent the day stuffing the bags they will give to supporters at their charity run on Saturday at Stafford Park in Miami Springs. Meanwhile, mother and wife, Marli Wolf is in hospice care.

    "Whether I have a few days, a few weeks, however long I have, it's just something special, and I should learn to appreciate it for what I have," said daughter Melanie Wolf.

    Marli Wolf, a teacher, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer April 2009.

    "This is the way life is and sometimes life isn’t fair. So the way I see it is I have to learn how to deal with it," Melanie Wolf said.

    Her husband, Mark Wolf, said that in some ways the family has already started grieving.

    "In one way we started the grieving process early but in another way, we’ve lived 20 years in three years," he said.

    The family has set out on a mission to let the public know that over 15,000 women died from ovarian cancer last year, an estimated 21,000 will be diagnosed this year.

    Melanie Wolf also seeks comfort from close friends who help her plan Saturday’s run. They hope her mother will be here to see it.

    "I've gone to a bunch of clubs at my school and presented miles for marli as something they can help with," she said.

    Melanie Wolf has a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania.

    "I have to get over it. It is not supposed to hinder me. It’s just a way of proving my strength," she said.

    Meanwhile, her father looks at the positive side of the situation.

    "It’s better to have had everything we’ve had as a family that to not have had it at all," he said.

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