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Feds Investigate Cop Accused of Ripping Off Drug Dealers

At least one undercover Miami officer suspended in probe



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    City of Miami police department

    Stealing money and narcotics from drug dealers is generally the business of criminals, not the cops charged with bringing those outlaws to justice.

    But at least one member of the Miami PD's undercover squad is under investigation by the FBI and his own department for doing just that, according to the Miami Herald.

    The Feds and Miami Police Department are both looking into the scandal in which one officer has already been relieved of duty with pay.

    Miami Police said Sgt. Raul Iglesias was relieved of duty on Tuesday, but didn't say whether he was the cop under investigation.

    "There's an ongoing investigation by us,'' Police Chief Miguel Exposito told the Herald, refusing to comment further. The FBI didn't comment on the investigation.

    The cop or cops under investigation may have been pocketing cash and drugs or using cash to pay off informants without accounting for it, sources told the Herald.

    Officers are already getting subpoenas to testify before a federal grand jury.