First Friday the 13th of 2013 Prompts Mixed Reactions From South Floridians

Some people were especially wary, but others aren't so negative about the day many find superstitious

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    This Friday was the first Friday the 13th of 2013. Alyssa Garabedian, Erika Borrero, Jennifer Hansen, Miramar psychic Tina Stanton and Barbara Mollela gave their thoughts on the day. (Published Friday, Sept. 13, 2013)

    Most people look forward to Fridays, except when it falls on the 13th of the month.

    On this Friday, the first such day of 2013, some in South Florida were especially wary.

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    "I would definitely not get married on Friday the 13th, I would not travel on Friday the 13th,” Alyssa Garabedian said.

    Others aren't so negative about it.

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    "What we've been taught is to believe in God, and bad things aren't going to happen,” Erika Borrero said.

    "I'm not very superstitious but I think it definitely has a creepy feeling to it,” Jennifer Hansen said.

    The nagging sense of doom or anxiety surrounding this date is rooted in mythology, numerology or religion. Regardless of its true origin, the real fear of it – known as friggatriskaidekaphobia – has found its place in the modern day.

    "Some persons will actually not come out of the house, they will not travel anywhere, they will not going anywhere. They'll stay home and wait for the 14th,” said Miramar psychic Tina Stanton, who actually visited two clients who were too afraid to leave the house.

    She takes this date very seriously herself. She calls it “a tremendously spiritual day."

    "Personally I am always careful as far as flying, tall buildings – lots of buildings will avoid the 13th floor,” Stanton added.

    Others don't let the superstitions get to them.

    "It's always been a great day for me, my son was born on the 13th and today is actually his birthday,” Barbara Mollela said.

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