Florida Bill Aims To Keep Guns Away From People With Mental Illness

SB 1000 passed its final committee hurdler Monday

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    NBC Local Media

    A bill aimed at keeping guns away from people with mental illness is headed to the Florida Senate after clearing its final committee hurdle.

    The proposal's supporters include gun-rights advocates. The bill (SB 1000) was approved by the Senate Rules Committee on Monday.

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    The bill is aimed at closing a loophole to guard against gun purchases by people with mental illness. It deals with people who voluntarily admit themselves for treatment, then check out. At that point, they are able to obtain weapons.

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    Under the bill, people could be blocked from purchasing firearms if a doctor said they posed a danger to themselves or others. If the patient didn't agree to be voluntarily admitted for treatment, an involuntary commitment petition would be filed.

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    A companion bill won House passage last week.

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