Florida Elderly Losing Large Sums of Money to Jamaican Lottery Scam: Senator | NBC 6 South Florida

Florida Elderly Losing Large Sums of Money to Jamaican Lottery Scam: Senator

Some elderly in South Florida claim they are losing large sums of money after falling to Jamaica-based scam artists.



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    Florida Senator Bill Nelson was expected to talk Friday about a scam involving some elderly people in South Florida, who claim they are losing large sums of money in a Jamaica-based lottery scam.

    The majority of  victims reported have been South and central Florida residents who receive aggressive and sometimes threatening phone calls by scam artists who promise huge foreign lottery winnings.

    Lottery Scam Surveillance

    [MI] Lottery Scam Surveillance
    Police are searching for a woman and man who may have ripped off an elderly woman after promising her a cut of a winning lottery ticket. (Published Friday, April 8, 2011)

    SoFla Lotto Scam Targets Elderly

    Nelson will meet with officials and a local financial planner, who are in the process of defending victims of the scam.

    Lottery Scam Targets Elderly

    [MI] Lottery Scam Targets Elderly
    A scam involving a winning lottery ticket is sweeping across South Florida. Detectives say the scammers are targeting elderly people. (Published Thursday, May 20, 2010)

    “It's despicable that these crooks are preying on our most vulnerable seniors who sometimes have difficulty remembering important details,” said Nelson in an email statement.

    Scam Victim Loses $370,000 But Wants to Keep Giving

    Other states have been affected, but postal inspectors say Florida is getting hit particularly hard because of its large senior population and proximity to Jamaica.

    Suspected Scammer: "I'll Take Old Lady's Cash"

    A hearing will be held March 13 in Washington D.C. to investigate the effect the scam is having on the elderly.