Following Shooting, Some Miami Beach Movie Fans Have Second Thoughts About Seeing "Dark Knight Rises"

Sam Kyd said he's "a little bit nervous" about going to see the latest Batman movie now

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    Sam Kyd said he was "pretty shocked" by the tragedy at the opening of the latest Batman movie. He and Letty Garcia were having second thoughts about seeing the film. Ahshunti Alston, Bobby Wilcox and Marianne Silva also talk about the issue. (Published Friday, July 20, 2012)

    In the aftermath of the mass shooting at a midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado, some movie fans in Miami Beach were having second thoughts about going to see the film.

    “Well, we think it’s really sad. We were vacationing here in Miami and we were thinking of going to see the movie and now we’re like, should we or shouldn’t we?” Letty Garcia said.

    Sam Kyd said he was “pretty shocked” by the tragedy at the opening of the latest Batman movie.

    “I’m actually a little bit nervous about going to watch it now,” he said.

    Shooting suspect James Holmes walked into the theater in Aurora, Colorado through a rear exit that some witnesses said was propped open. He opened fire, killing 12 people and injuring 59, authorities said.

    “The theater’s supposed to be a place to get out – family, friends, you know, to enjoy yourself – but I mean something so random like that, it’s scary,” Ahshunti Alston said.

    Following the shooting, several South Florida movie theaters said they have increased their security operations, and the city of Sweetwater said it added police officers at the Dolphin Mall.

    “Maybe they should start getting security, but I mean, when you go to the movies, you don’t really expect someone to pull out a gun” and killing people, Bobby Wilcox said in Miami Beach.

    “I mean that could have happened anywhere,” pointed out Marianne Silva beside him.

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